Herbal Antibiotics Part 1 - Natural Alternatives For Treating Drug-Resistant Bacteria

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Herbal Antibiotics (Part 1)

So, picture of Stephen Harrod Buhner. He’s the author of the book, herbal antibiotics that we’re going to discuss over a few different weeks.

He’s author of many books on plant based medicine. He’s well researched and well published. And one of the things that we have to look at is this Louis Pasture versus Antoine Bechamp, two different theories of medicine. And to be honest with you, Pasture won out of Bechamp because he was a better debater. He’s more eloquent and he was more convincing. And he convinced us, Western Medicine, that germs caused the disease. Where Bechamp, which we know is the way it is—this is God’s model of healthcare. It’s that disease is from a weakened immune system. So we treat the patient, not the infection. And so Pasture would say the germ theory, you got to vaccinate all the things.

Kind of like what they’re trying to do in our world today, right? With all these vaccines, especially with the COVID, where Dr. George J, the Holistic Health and Healing, the Creator Model Healthcare, we follow under Bechamp, and that we treat the patient not the infection. We clean the tank. We stimulate our immune systems. We do the things that Ayn mentioned, garlic. We do the things that Khai mentioned, basil. That Dr. George mentioned that echinacea and the ginger. All that is so powerful to heal and to protect us from disease.

And so when Pasture was on his death bed, he said that the microbe is nothing. The germ is nothing. The terrain is everything. So he can conceded, but the damage was done.

And so that’s where that pharmaceutical industry, the antibiotics, all the medicines for chronic disease, holding us hostage, feeling, making us believe we had to rely on medicine to be healthy. And isn’t such God’s model of healthcare. We’ve talked about that. We just mentioned it here in our guiding principles.

And so we’re getting, we’re reclaiming it folks. We’re getting back to God’s model healthcare, the Creator Model of Healthcare. It’s just going to take some time. And so we’re a part of that good energy and that movement and we’re ambassadors for Christ. And we’re going to be the trailblazers for the Creator Model of Healthcare. Right? We talked about we’re on a mission, so we’re missionaries and we’re going to show the world a better way: to teach, to heal, and to love through the Creator Model of Healthcare. And the best is yet to come, folks. The best is yet to come.

So we’re running out of weapons in the war on germs, all these resistant and bacteria. These germs can reproduce and mutate every 20 minutes. It’s no wonder the resistance to our chemical weapons are as rapid as we develop them. They’re smart. They’re smarter than we are. Dr. Richard Murra says, “Human beings, the potentially highest form of life expression on the planet, had built the vast pharmaceutical industry for the central purpose of poisoning the lowest form of life on the planet, the germs. One of the biggest tragedy of human civilization is the precedence of chemicals over nutrition.” Reclaiming what Bechamp said is we clean the tank. It’s nutrition, food is medicine, not vaccination and not antibiotics. And we can do this and we’re going to do this.

Source: Dr. Jockers, DrJockers.com, accessed July 20, 2022, Germ Theory vs Terrain Theory of Health & Disease


And so next slide is vancomycin. Vancomycin is a powerful antibiotics for MRSA methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, and we’re getting a lot of this MRSA that even vancomycin is failing. And so we’re going to get back to this where the medicinal herbs of garlic and onion and ginger and honey are going to be the treatments because the bugs can outsmart nature, but they can’t outsmart all these chemicals that we’re putting into our system.

It is easy for rapidly producing bugger bacteria to outwit or out-evolve a single chemical compound but not so easy for it to outwit the complex compound in our herbs, our basil, our ginger, our garlic, all are complex compounds found naturally in nature. They co-exist with the bacteria and the virus and the fungi, so they don’t compete. And so these bacteria can outsmart our herbs and our plant-based medicines. The polychemical synergistic mix concentrating the powers already evolved in the medicinal plants, maybe our best hope for confronting the drug resistant bacteria. It is getting back to our plant-based diet. It’s getting back to food is medicine. It’s exciting time.

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The Evolution of “Modern Medicine” by Jim Duke

A little history about the evolution of modern medicine, way back in the day 

2500 BC – here eat this root. So we’re on a plant-based diet. 

4 BCThe Savior is born, faith can heal. Absolutely, all life and healing comes from God. So eat this bitter herbs if faith fails. You know, God wants us to, we have to eat, so He wants us to eat the right foods to nourish our bodies, to feed the temple, which is the holy spirit. So we stay healthy.

1200 AD  – Those bitter herbs are not Christian. Say a prayer when you eat those herbs.

1850 AD – The prayer of superstition, here drink this bitter potion. That’s where the pills, potions, procedures came about, and now vaccines.

1900 AD – That bitter potion is snake oil. Here swallow this bitter pill.

1950 AD – The bitter pill is ineffective, take that antibiotic.

2000 ADThat antibiotic is artificial and ineffective. You’re right. It’s becoming resistant to these bacteria and it’s becoming toxic to our planet. Now go through that here and shortly. Here, eat these bitter herbs and pray that they will help. They will help. We fuel our immune system.

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God's Model of Healthcare

God’s model of healthcare, the five pillars of wellness. We got this, you know, we’re made in the Lord’s image. Why do we think we can improve upon that with all these pills, potions, procedures, and vaccines?

Plants are humanity's primary medicine: Food is Medicine

And so the highly complex chemistry, we talked about that, is too complex for resistance to the bacteria. And so they outsmart the bacteria and they develop sophisticated responses to bacterial invasions. They deactivate and destroy the pathogens. Plants are free. We talk about the medicine of God is free. Anyone can use them for healing and they are very safe and effective. Ecologically they’re sound, they’re renewable and, if we treat our environment, well, they’ll be there for us. Pharmaceuticals in comparison have killed over 200,000 people and over 2 million hospitalizations annually from adverse drug reactions. We can do a lot better than that, folks.

Plants are humanity’s primary medicine. They’re the people’s medicine. They always have been, right? In Genesis, we talk about the plant-based diet. In book of Daniel, when Daniel and his friends ate the plant-based diet and they were a lot stronger and they were picked by the king to be the servants. They didn’t eat the King’s diet, which was more meats and grains versus the plant-based diet. We are all Creation with mother earth, living synergistically with Creation. From dust we came, dust we shall return.

Antibiotic (means against life)

Antibiotic means against life. And so back in the forties, the penicillin was the miracle drug. In 1942, there was only 64 pounds of penicillin worldwide. In 1949, a mere seven years, it was 156,000 pounds. By 1999, there’s 40 million pounds per year. And the US alone was used for people. Livestock research, agricultural plants. Sixty million pounds per year are used in the US now and millions more worldwide. And a large percentage of that, at least 30 million pounds, are you solely on animals raised for human consumption.

Remember, plant-based diet to avoid herbicides, antibiotics, hormones, pesticides, all these chemicals. That’s why we’re sick. That’s why we’re not a healthy world. By 1991, there were over a hundred different antibiotics. And folks that never go away, they stay pure in metabolized states. And they form a significant part of our hospital and our community waste. And they get into our wastewater, into our streams, into our drinking water and cause a lot of harm and damage.


US physicians prescribed nearly 260 million antibiotic prescriptions each year. Pharmaceutical manufacturers discharged thousands of tons of antibiotic waste into the environment. And it doesn’t degrade. Yearly American factories dispense over 30 million pounds of antibiotics and to pigs, cattle, and chickens. They use this to stimulate weight, increase revenue, and prevent disease from overcrowding. And that’s when we eat those animals, we’re changing our gut biome and causing ourselves to develop resistant organisms. Millions of gallons of food animal excrement is funneled into our waste lagoons into our waterways. Dogs and cats with their antibiotic-laden feces into our ground, into our water supply. Our continent is literally awash in antibiotics, which are not easily broken down. Only extreme temperatures and UV light can help make those antibiotics in dirt.

So in 80 years, the earth has been saturated with hundreds of millions of tons of non-biodegradable pharmaceuticals, designed to kill bacteria. And these pharmaceuticals don’t discriminate in their activity. And kill broad groups of diverse bacteria. The evolutionary changes are on parallel. Hospital acquired resistant infections are now the fourth leading cause of death in the US. You might go in for a knee replacement or a minor surgery and acquire one of these resistant infections because that’s where all these bad bugs are, in our hospital. The period once called the age of the miracle drug is dead.

The rise of bacteria resistance. All life on earth is highly intelligent and very adaptable. The bacteria folks have outsmarted us. They’re the oldest form of life and adapt well when there’s threats of their existence. Perhaps with judicious use and disposal of antibiotics, drug resistance can be minimized. But I think the damage has been done.

So bacteria encounter an antibiotic and it starts to generate responses. Remember, bacterial generation is 20 minutes for most species. That’s 500,000 times faster than us. They win. And so they’re already ahead of us and they’re plotting against us, their plotting with each other. Because they’re fighting for their lives, their existence. The bacteria decreased the amount of antibiotic that can get into the cell wall. They altered the permeability of the cell. They close the door for the antibiotic to enter. And then in ineffective amounts that do enter, they don’t work. They’re ineffective.

So these bacteria, they degrade and activate the antibiotic. They’re super adaptable and live in the hospital cleaning solution. Now lemon and vinegar are nature’s cleaning solutions. That’s what I use to clean. They’re safe. They’re not toxic. They’re not harmful. And they work. Okay. Bacteria can learn to use the antibiotics for food so they can actually multiply and grow. When you give them, when you given an antibiotic, they share resistant information with one another. Remember, we can’t outwit them. They’re smarter than us. They’re the oldest living form of life on earth. They are bacteria not competing with each other for resources, but rather cooperating and sharing of survival information.

How smart are bacteria?

A single bacterial species was placed in a nutrient solution of sublethal dose of a new and rare antibiotic. Within that short period of time, the bacteria developed resistance to 12 other antibiotics that they had never been before encountered. That bacteria strategically anticipate the confrontation of other drugs when they resist one. They’re already planning ahead for resistance to other antibiotics they’d never even seen. They’re teaching themselves to be more virulent by sharing amongst themselves. They’ve outsmart us folks. Whenever antibacterial use is high-bacteria congregate and rapidly learn and resistance develops. The bacteria gene pool thrives and resistance cascades occur in our nursing home, our daycare centers or homeless shelters, our prisons, our factory farming operations. But, you know what folks, that shouldn’t be a surprise where these bacteria pool in certain areas like this, and then you have outbreaks. But the worst places are hospitals and the white coats that the physicians use, full of bacteria and germs and becoming more and more resistant.

So how smart are the bacteria? The growth rate of resistance and virulence is so fast that some analysts warn of present day infectious antibiotic-resistant bacteria devastated whole human populations. Dr. David Livermore at the Antibiotic Resistance Monitoring and Reference Laboratory in London says, “It’s naive to think we can win.

So getting back to that terrain theory, that Bechamp exposed over a hundred years ago is cleaning the tank, stimulate your immune system, be responsible for your health and your choices. Your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit. Use God’s free model of healthcare, the Creator Model of Healthcare to live fully alive, the glory of God, mind, body spirit.

So that’s where we’re at folks. And so we can do this, right? We can do this. The best is yet to come, our Jesus.

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Herbal Antibiotics Part 1