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How to Forgive the Unforgivable

Learning forgiveness from great Oglala Lakota prophets

The Red Road

In our world, there is division, unloving, and unforgiveness. The challenge and wounds can go so deep that we are tempted to accept the status quo of division rather than engage in the hard work of reconciliation. Let us choose to love and forgive. For otherwise, the insanity continues with the same results. There is only one way—the red road, the sacred path of righteousness. Imitate the life of Jesus Christ through humility, love, and forgiveness. A quote from an Oglala Lakota Holy Man reminds us of the sacred path. “Each step we take should be in prayer, for if each step we take is a prayer, we always will be walking in a sacred manner.” By doing so, we can forgive the unforgiveable, “Father, forgive them for they not know what they are doing (Luke 23:34).”

How do we forgive the unforgivable?

Forgiveness is a choice. Forgiveness is love in action. A quote says, “The first to apologize is the bravest. The first to forgive is the strongest, and the first to forget is the happiest.” So let us all be brave, strong, and happy. Unity, love of neighbor, a tender heart, and a humble mind are the dispositions pleasing to God.

Humility, love and forgiveness are the central themes throughout the Gospel message—powerful reminders to imitate the life of Jesus Christ. Jesus was a missionary and never complained of long walks, journeys, or evangelizing to share His love and the love of His Father, forgive sins and to heal mind, body, and spirit. As Jesus is all and in all, we too, are called to imitate the life of Jesus.

Our icebreaker at one of our “Team Love God” meetings was, “What one thing on earth would you like to change that you know will be perfect in heaven?” My response was “hard hearts.” There will be no unloving and unforgiveness in our heavenly home.

This is a gentle reminder for all of us to keep running the race for our lives are but a blink of an eye when we consider eternity. Let’s all make it a blink filled with the fruits of the Holy Spirit. In that way, we can prepare for our heavenly home, where all will be perfect.

How forgiveness leads to inner healing?

When you forgive quote

When you forgive, you heal. Unconditional love is the greatest healer as God is Love. Offering forgiveness to those who trespass against us allows us to heal. It is not optional. It is biblical and the way of Jesus Christ. What is also biblical is to let go of the trespass and continue to grow as a witness to the healing power of Jesus Christ. When God forgives, he makes a very important promise to us. We must also make when we forgive others.

I believe that 90% of our mental, physical, and emotional problems in life come from wounds of the spirit: guilt, grief, abandonment and abuse. This plays out in my personal life and medical practice. It all boils down to the 5th pillar of wellness in the Creator model of healthcare: God’s love and forgiveness of self and others. Let us always be kind, as everyone you meet is fighting a tough battle.

Anything that we can do to focus our attention on Jesus and His love and forgiveness is meditation. We believe our meditations “Inhale Love, Exhale Gratitude: Focus on Jesus,” “Smile, Breathe, Love,” “Jesus, I need, trust, and Love you” help us heal emotionally, spiritually, and physically. There is power in positive affirmations that leads us back to Jesus—the game changer.

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What do Tunkasila and Wakan Takan mean?

In the Lakota language, Tunkasila translates to Grandfather or Creator. Whereas, Wakan Tanka translates into the divine, sacred, or “The Great Spirit.” The Indigenous people of this country are the first Nation, the first to imitate the life of Jesus and the path to peace. Jesus walked the Americas. Many Native American legends describe the “saintly white teacher,” who performed miracles with healing and control over the wind, water, and other natural elements. Common to almost all was his message of love and peace.

Who are the two modern day Lakota prophets?

Oglala Lakota Chiefs’ Red Cloud, Crazy Horse and Black Elk were great leaders and modern-day prophets. In many ways, their culture reflected their love and understanding of the Creator. The Lakota lived the sacred path of righteousness or the red road, and this made the Lakota Nation great. Red Cloud’s famous quote, “I am poor and naked, but I am the chief of the nation. We do not want riches but we do want to train our children right. Riches would do us no good. We could not take them with us to the other world. We do not want riches. We want peace and love.

Red Cloud Quote

Nicholas Black Elk, Lakota Spiritual Leader, Medicine Man and catechist served God in traditional Lakota spirituality and through his Catholic faith. On October 21, 2017 at the Holy Rosary Church on the Red Cloud Indian School campus on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, a mass was celebrated to open the cause for canonization for this holy man and mystic. Chief Black Elk was blessed with a vision as a child on the highest peak in the Black Hills to unite all people in love. This peak now bears his name-Black Elk Peak.

What is the manifest destiny of the Great Lakota Nation?

In the October 2017 addition of the West River Catholic, Deacon Marlon Leneaugh, the director of Native Ministry for the Diocese of Rapid City, states that his vision is that “we must live together like one being. Black Elk will continue to unite people from different cultures and backgrounds and bring them to the one Lord of us all.” This truly is a historic event for the world to witness Nicholas Black Elk’s legacy to unite all people in love.

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Let us learn from these great Oglala Lakota prophets and live each day in a sacred manner. Let us walk the red road on the path to peace and honor Crazy Horse’s prophecy: the Lakota’s manifest destiny to bring peace and unity to a troubled world. The sacred path will once again make the Lakota Nation great. Let us choose to love and forgive, as forgiveness is love in action. For when kindness and truth shall meet, justice and peace shall kiss. -Psalm 85:11.

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How to Forgive the Unforgivable