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Tonight, as Khai mentioned, this is kind of the sequel to the Virtuous Woman, the Godly Woman, if you would recall. The things that apply to be a godly woman, especially on a Proverbs 31:30, when it talks about charm is deceptive, beauty is fleeting, but the woman who fears the Lord is to be praised. The same with us men, to fear the Lord, as what Khai said. And Ayn said is to always have that fear of the Lord to do the work for him, to do to his will. And so, this Godly Man presentation is, we men, we step up, glorify God in all that we do.

And so, whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do all for the glory of God (1 Corinthians 10:31). So this presentation is for the glory of God. Us singing tonight at mass is for the glory of God. Us doing chores is for the glory of God, being with our family. If we can invite God into every conversation and every part of our lives, just imagine what a better world would be, right? We’ve talked about it on our Creator Model of Healthcare handout. All we need to do to fix the world is to love one another. And here we are, we put God first, we represent God’s message, his methods, his character. We’ll go through this. Our lives don’t belong to us. We were bought with a price.

Getting back to honoring our bodies as temples, and we need to develop Christian maturity to lead with love. To lead with God and be a mentor to others as ambassadors for Christ. And we let our light shine. We smile, we breathe, love, right? Three words to change the world. And we do it for the glory of God.

The Godly Man Represents God’s Message

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So the godly man, he represents God’s message. And just kinda think about what would Jesus do. That was a very popular wrist bracelet years ago. Invite him at the table. We look at every situation and relationship in life through the lens of scripture.

And a few scripture here out of 1 Corinthians talks about the body is not for immorality, it’s for the Lord. So we should avoid sexual immorality, any immorality with our body because the body is the Lord’s. It was His gift to us. And we need to honor that.

What would Jesus do - Godly Man

He (Paul) says, “But whoever’s joined to the Lord, becomes one spirit with him.” So when our spirits aligned with the Lord, then we’re going to honor, and respect, and take care of our bodies as temples of the Holy Spirit. We glorify God in our body because the fornicator, the person committing sexual immorality is sinning against his own body.

The Godly Man Represents God’s Methods

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The godly man represents God’s methods. We are ambassadors, warriors, soldiers for Christ. And we live the values of Jesus: humility, love, and forgiveness. And we reflect those in our daily lives as witnesses to the healing power of Jesus Christ. And we boldly represent the changes that we want to see in the world. Out of John 8:7, “Let the man among you as no sin, be the first to cast a stone at her.

And so, I brought in two stones, because we’re called to softly admonish people to help them back on the path. Not to convict them and not to condemn them, but to share, and show, and be love. And get them back on the path, nor do I condemn you. You may go. But from now on avoid this sin (John 8:11), right? This was Jesus with the adulterous when they wanted her to be stoned. And so, powerful that we’re not there to judge, we’re to love. Mercy triumphs judgment.

The Godly Man Represents God’s Character

Video Timestamp: 19:53

All days - Godly Man

The godly man represents God’s character. Looking at the current situation you’re in, major lifestyle changes, other things going on in your life, a divorce, a death, a birth. Be reminded, we serve a mighty king and humbly remember that our lives do not belong to us. And what we do in that situation reflects the values and characters of Jesus Christ.

Remember, everything’s temporary. Some days are better than others, but all days are good, if you want to look at it that way. Ecclesiastes tells us there’s a reason for everything under the sun, under the heavens. Just stand fast in the faith and the Lord will provide. God is in control, right? But we can’t dig a hole in it on the shovel. We got to do the pushups. We need to do our part.

God doesn’t need our help, yet He desires for us to live fully alive, mind, body, spirit, all for his glory, but we’ve got to put in the work. He wants us to help in glorifying him.

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The 8 Beatitudes

Video Timestamp: 22:00

We’re going to go through what I love, the eight beatitudes of Jesus. The blessings, that’s what be attitude means, where he gave on the sermon of the mount. And these are values and life to represent a true disciple of God on the path of salvation. And be kind to yourself, you are accountable. We’re not perfect, but it’s trying each and every day to be saintly, to be like Jesus. And there’s days that are better than others, we understand that.

What a beautiful picture of Jesus blessing this child.

1. Our first beatitude, “Blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs is the kingdom of heaven (Matthew 5:3).”
Now poor in spirit doesn’t mean lack of money or poor in the sense that we might think of, but it represents humility. That’s one of the reasons I picked humility as our value. Plus to keep my mind, right? I’m going to keep my mind as I get older. But humility to me is regarding others and their opinions as more important than our own, but we don’t have to agree. You don’t have the last word. It brings an openness and an inner peace, allowing one to do the will of God, the divine mercy. That’s at three o’clock in the afternoons. That is very common for us to witness. God’s will is his mercy and love for all of us. That’s just something to reflect upon, that God wants us to be merciful. He wants us to love, and they go together.

The 8 Beatitudes of Jesus - Handout

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2. “Blessed are they who mourn for they shall be comforted (Matthew 5:4).” Mourning in this context is called a blessing because the mourning our fallen natures, our sinful natures, as a desire to improve ourselves and do what is right. While we’re going through that morning, Jesus is there with us. If we invite him in on earth, preparing us for that beautiful heavenly journey that we’re going to be taking.

3. “Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth (Matthew 5:5).” Jesus was meek but in no ways, was he weak. Jesus’s ‘meek and humble of heart‘. And being meek allows you to be in control, have a kind and docile spirit and the face of any type of adversity coming your way. That doesn’t mean you don’t show emotion. That doesn’t mean you don’t cry. That doesn’t mean you’re not sad. But it means you’re in control of the situation. You have obedience, and love, and submission to God. And it brings you peace on this earth, as it prepares you for your heavenly journey.

4. “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness for they shall be satisfied (Matthew 5:6).” Justice and righteousness in the new covenant indicate the fulfillment of God’s will and your heart and soul. Now, getting back to what Ayn said about perseverance in life, because there are ups and downs and challenges in life. In the same way, to fight for the sanctity of life, to fight against abortion, that’s something that is important. It’s a long-term situation to have lots of perseverance and never, never give up the battle to stop abortion, the sanctity of life. It’s not a mere observance of the law as it says in Matthew 5:20, but rather than expression of brotherly love that we encourage one another to take those battles, take the battle that we’re taking on healthcare, showing the world a better way to teach, to love, to heal, just like Jesus did. And not about pills, potions, procedures, and vaccines. We want to show the world a better way. Like Jesus did.

5. “Blessed are the merciful for they shall obtain mercy (Matthew 5:7).” “Be merciful just as your father is merciful.Mercy triumphs judgment. Mercy is that loving disposition that we show towards others who are suffering a loss of a loved one, some type of major life event. Through love, and compassion, forgiveness, we can bring peace in all of our relationships. And it really gets down to the Lord’s prayer.

I had a wonderful conversation with a friend this afternoon. It comes down to forgiving one another and the Lord’s will for us, His will be done. But it’s important we do our part in being loving and forgiving.

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6. “Blessed are the pure of heart, for they shall see God (Matthew 5:8).” To be pure of heart means to be free of all selfish intentions and self-seeking desire. This is not easy to do. It’s a beautiful goal, but how many times do we do something freely of any personal gain or we think, well, maybe if I do this, I’ll get something in return. But when we can offer a hug, kindness, a meal for somebody and not expect something in return that selfless giving brings happiness to all.

7. “Bless it are the peacemakers, for they shall be called children of God (Matthew 5:9)”. Just like ThĂ­ch Nhất Hạnh in his tribute to the veterans, the veterans are the light at the tip of the candle. And we can be peacemakers and Jesus gives us the way. “Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you.” It’s one of the fruits of the Spirit and still has to be worked on. It’s back to being humble, loving, forgiving.

The Lord wants all of us to be filled with his blessings of peace, and then be able to pass that on to other people. But we got to seek it. We got to invite him into our hearts, moment to moment, nurturing the divine exchange. And when we imitate God’s love, we become peacemakers as children of God.

8. Blessed are those who are persecuted for the sake of righteousness for theirs is the kingdom of heaven (Matthew 5:10).” Out of Matthew 5:11,12, “Blessed are you when the men revile you and persecute you, and that are all kinds of evil against you falsely on my account. Rejoice and be glad for your reward is great in heaven, for so men persecuted the prophets who were before you.” And then out of John’s gospel. Jesus said many times that those who follow him will be persecuted. “If they persecute me, they will persecute you (John 15:20).” They persecuted the Messiah. “Whoever is made to suffer as Christians should be not ashamed, but glorify God because of the name (1 Peter 4:16).”

Jesus said many times that those who follow him will be persecuted. “If they persecute me, they will persecute you.” They persecuted the Messiah. “Whoever is made to suffer as Christians should be not ashamed, but glorify God because of the name.”

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The Godly Man Through the Lens of Scripture

Video Timestamp: 29:54

The godly man as seen through the lens of scripture. You’ll notice there’s a lot of scripture in this presentation because that’s what we need to fall back on to as our faith. And to know that everything that the scripture says, everything that God promises us, He’ll deliver. When people disappoint you, or leave you, or abandoned you, Jesus is always right there with you and for you. He’ll never leave or forsake you.

And so we’re going to talk about the godly man as a disciple through the scripture, as a husband, through the scripture, and as a father through the scripture. Because that’s where we’re getting our direction from God.

I’ve always mentioned that you can’t spell disciple without discipline, and it takes discipline to follow Jesus Christ. It takes discipline for your body to be a temple of the holy spirit and to live God’s model of healthcare.

• The Godly man as a disciple:

Video Timestamp: 30:44

Good Shepherd - Godly Man

So who was Jesus? Well, we know he was the Triune God, the Father, Son, the Holy Spirit. Perfect, sinless, He was loved, Son of God, our Messiah. Out of John 10, He says, “I am the good shepherd who lays down his life for the sheep.” And out of John 14, “Believe me that I am in the Father and the Father is in me or else, believe because of the works I do.” Jesus is all, and in all.

Jesus gave us life. He gives us each breath, each heartbeat that we have. He came to show the world a better way. He came to teach, to love, and to heal. And He wants us to follow that because He says, “When I returned to the Father, you will even do greater things in my name.

And out of John 14, He taught redemption and He taught us the sacred path, the path of salvation, that He’s the way, the truth, the light, keep your eye on the prize. No one comes to the father, but through me. And it isn’t hard, love him, follow his commandments, love one another, and help each other on the path.

On the 1 Peter 2, “In His own body, he brought your sins to the cross. Dead to sin, could live in accordance with God’s will. By his wounds you were healed. And at one time you were straying like sheep, but now you have returned to the Shepherd, the guardian of your souls.” This is the power of Jesus Christ. The cross couldn’t and hold Him, we know that. But when we can drop our baggage, our brokenness to the foot of the cross, give it to Jesus and not take it back, cause He died once for our sins, not multiple times. And He only expects us to experience it once. We go to Him and to those that we trespassed against and ask for forgiveness. We are forgiven and leave it at the foot of His cross. That’s where He wants it.

Jesus is our peace.

He’s our peace in the present moment. It’s there if you want it by talking to Jesus, my guiding light. He will never leave or forsake us. He’s always with us. He’s always present. And as we cultivate that divine exchange, we invite Jesus into all aspects of our life. Just not the joys in the successes, or the tough times, and the sorrow and the sadness, but in everything. He desires to be a part of every conversation we have. And when we can put Jesus in our meetings, and our groups, and our businesses, and our sporting events, then you’ll see the world change. Just imagine, we don’t care who gets the credit. We give it to the Lord, give Him the glory. Great things are going to happen because for everything there is a season, a time for every activity under the heavens. And we’ve all been there through births, deaths, marriages, divorces, and Jesus is there with us because He tells us, “In this world, you will have trouble, you will have struggles. But have no fear, I have overcome the world.” I love that. I love that when He says I have overcome the world.

Jesus gives us the peace the world cannot give. “Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you. Not as the world gives do I give to you that not your hearts be troubled, that them not be afraid.” There’s never a place in the Bible that Jesus says be fearful. Fear is forget everything and run, false evidence appearing real. That’s make it forgive everyone and rejoice if you’re going to use fear. Perfect love has no fear. The piece offered by the world is an empty promise. It can only bring temporary comfort. God’s peace as a permanent peace offered by the one who is faithful. He’s always with us. He’ll never leave or forsake us.

I saw something similar to this on social media. So, I just kind of made a slide to reflect how to find happiness. A lifetime of happiness is through Jesus. So, if you want to be happy for a day, go for a walk. Well, I did that. I went for a walk today. I feel pretty happy if you want to happiness for a month, take a vacation. Yeah. That usually gives you months of good memories and relaxation and all, but neither one of those lasts unless you find Jesus Christ. Then you got happiness for a lifetime on your walk and your vacation, right? And no matter what, back to Ayn’s point about resiliency, no weapon formed against me shall prosper. You got to put on that armor, just like the opening slide, the godly man, we got to put on that armor. Us men are being attacked. The world’s being attacked, but the evil one is going to first, attack your faith, then your family, and then your finances. And so we’ve got to put on that armor of God. And we do that by spending time with Him, knowing His ways, knowing His scripture, knowing His promises. And that He’ll be there for us. Happiness does not come to you. It comes from you.

We are in control of our own happiness. It’s a choice and we can have a lifetime of happiness through Jesus Christ, even when things aren’t going the way we’ve made them want them to let go. Because we know that’s temporary. Everything on this side of heaven is temporary. We’re preparing ourselves for a lifetime of eternal happiness in heaven. Have a little bit of that on earth or a lot of that on earth, right?

Luke 17, Jesus himself said, “If you want to find happiness, you have to lose your life to find it.” I mean, you’ve got to surrender your life to God. That doesn’t mean you have to give everything away, doesn’t mean you can’t make money. It means you follow the Lord’s will. And then you will see that joy begin to well up inside of you because you’re doing what God wants you to. You’re listening, you’re obedient, and you’re full of love, right? The new LOL.  Truly happiness itself isn’t found in seeking it. Happiness is found in seeking God. If you want to find happiness, find Jesus.

Grace through faith.

Grace is God’s riches at Christ’s expense. God would became very vulnerable because He sent His son to save the world. That’s being pretty vulnerable. He put His son as the God man, divine and human for us. I think that’s pretty vulnerable. That’s putting it out there. Men and women come to Jesus Christ and receive eternal life by grace through faith. I like to go that one step further. I’ll show you my faith through my works. Just like with Jesus did. Jesus was not only a “here are the word,” He was a doer of the word.

Grace has been defined as that unmerited favor of God. Thank you, God, for your grace. Because I don’t deserve, most of the time, what I get. The godly man’s grace through faith, grace is God doing for us what we in no way deserve. Mercy is God not doing to us what we so richly deserve. So grace is, he gives us things that we don’t deserve. And mercy, we don’t have to have any adverse punishments because He loves us so much, and He spares us that. So that’s where mercy triumphs judgment. “I am the least of the apostles, in fact, because I persecuted the church of God, I don’t even deserve the name. But by God’s favor, I am what I am.” That’s Paul out of 1 Corinthians. It’s exactly right. It was grace and mercy. He nailed it, that I don’t even deserve the name of an apostle.

Grace - Godly Man

But God uses all of us in different ways for his glory. That channel of grace out of John, “For while, the law was given through Moses. This enduring love came through Jesus Christ. No one has ever seen God. It is God the only Son, ever at the Father’s side, who has revealed him.” That’s beautiful. That vulnerability of God through the Triune, God sending his son to bear our sins and to die for us on the cross.

God’s gift. “I repeat, it’s owing to His favor that salvation is yours through faith. This is not your own doing. It’s God’s gift; neither it is a reward for anything you have accomplished, so let no one pride himself on it,” out of Ephesians 2. “We are truly His handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to lead the life of good deeds which God prepared for us in advance.”

So He’s prepared this journey for us, Khai and Ayn, in advance. He knew this was part of what He wanted us to do. And so through the power of the Holy Spirit, it will guide us to do His will. And so, that’s pretty cool that He knew exactly how we would be formed. And He knows the number of hairs on our head and it just amazes me, you know, His grace, His mercy, that He’s given us through our lives.

The godly man is his disciple. It really comes to that vertical relationship. It’s not about religion and bond about a church it’s that regular day to day and take up God’s. Being consistent, purposeful, and our devotion and prayer, putting God first, enjoying fellowship with believers and sharing with the folks that may have questions about their faith and about Jesus.

We’re called to share show and be loved with all. And this fellowship is defined as a comradeship. It relation in which parties share a friendly association. And I thought this was kind of cute. Fellowship is two fellows on the same ship going in the same direction, right? That’s kind of neat. I never thought of it that way. The fellows in the ship kind of rowing in the same direction. So, that’s a nice way to look at it.

And what is the importance of fellowship? What’s important women to have women together and have their groups and build one another up. And us men need to do more of this because we’re being attacked. We’re being separated, and the evil one is having a field day, walking the streets and destroying our families. “Where two or three are gathered in my name, there I am in the midst.” So right now, Khai, Ayn, and myself are gathered and hopefully people watching this. Jesus is there. We’ve got to remember that.

“Two are better than one: they get a good wage for their labor. If one falls, the other will lift up his companion,” out of Ecclesiastes. And this makes me think of a man and a woman together, a husband and a wife that they’re together. They’re companions, they’re helpers for one another.. They help each other on that path to salvation.

We’re going to get to this in a bit, but the husband has a huge rule in helping his wife, and if they have children, on the path to salvation. And it’s biblical, we’ll get to that. Therefore, getting back to a man and woman, a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife and they shall become one flesh.


The Importance of Prayer Life

And I thought this was a cute slide about the importance of a prayer life. We’ll go into each one of these separately: adoration, confession, thanksgiving, intercession, and petition.

First adoration and praise. Putting God first, right? That’s part of our objectives. Therefore, our God, we give you thanks and praise the majesty of your name. And all the things that we do, give glory to God.

Confession who conceals his sin prospers not, but he who confesses and forsakes them, obtains mercy. Exercise apologizing, being responsible for our choices. And if we make transgressions against somebody, we should own it. Just allow that holy spirit to convict you and convince you to apologize and get right with the Lord.

5 Finger Prayer- Godly Man

Thanksgiving. Rejoice always, never cease praying, render constant thanks: such as God’s will for you in Christ Jesus. Always be thankful and praise in all things. And we know it’s not easy when things aren’t going well, but if we can do it then wow, we got it.

Intercession, prayer for others. In Colossians, Epaphras was a servant of Christ who was always earnestly praying that you stand firm and have full conviction about what pertain to God’s will. And so, it’s important to pray for others. And as Catholics, we use intercession prayer, praying through Mary to Jesus, but really, it’s all about Jesus. We’re just using Mary to help as in just like I pray for my children, I pray for my team, I pray for our countries, I pray for the end of the pandemic. What’s important to do is to pray for one another.

And don’t forget about ourselves. We have this confidence in God that he hears us whenever we ask for anything, according to His will. Thy will be done. God knows your needs. All prayers are answered. They may not be what you want them to be, but God hears all prayers and they’re answered in some way, shape, or form.

• The Godly man as a husband:

Video Timestamp: 48:29

So now let’s transition in the godly man as a husband.

God needs to be the center of every marriage because when you take your vows, you’re taking it as a covenant with God. A husband and a wife come before a priest or minister, but the covenant is with God. And seeking his love and forgiveness will teach us how to honor and respect one another. It gets back to our first objective, put God first. Marriage is a Trinity, just as God is a Trinity of spiritual, emotional, and physical. It’s like mind, body, spirit, and our health. Look at it as a three-legged milk stool. If our mind, body spirit, one of those legs is missing or not healthy the stool isn’t going to be very effective and we aren’t going to function well in our life, in our health. or in our marriage, or in your relationships.

The very nature of marriage and its intimacy reveals the weaknesses and shortcomings of each partner. But it’s that putting God first, seeking his love and forgiveness for ourselves and others and our partners that helps us to honor and respect one another throughout our marriage and our lives.

Prayer - Godly Man

So what do we do? We take time to pray together. You mentioned before, families that pray together, stay together. Husbands and wives that pray together, stay together. And you know, husbands, we have to really listen. That doesn’t mean we have to give advice because maybe our spouses don’t want the advice. They just one our ears. And that means free of any electronics, or TV, books, or distractions, undivided attention. Sit next to her across from her, whatever makes sense. Good eye contact, maybe hand on her shoulder or hold hands. Be kind, because we’ve talked about kindness matters. We want to be that “I” in kindness, make her feel safe and secure in your home and what she has to offer. And compassion and understanding are paramount.

Allow her to be your hero. That she comes to you in confidence and trust and wants to share her deepest concerns or fears or worries. Allow her to be your hero.

And what does scripture say about the godly man as a husband? Well, this is where guys, we got to step up because “Husbands love your wives, as Christ loved the church. He gave himself up for her to make her holy.” So that means Christ died for the church, that means we have to be willing to die for our wives.

Husbands should love their wives as they do their own bodies. He who loves his wife, loves himself. In any case, each one should loves his wife as he loves himself. The wife, for her part, showing respect for her husband. It gets back to putting God first. He’ll teach us how to love and honor and respect one another. But as men have to step up and we have to love our wives and be able to sacrifice our lives for them, if needed.

And so folks, it’s all about love, right? Lead with love. The power of love is God. God is love. Love never fails love. Many of our marriages ceremonies have first Corinthians 13:4-8 in, and it’s important to hear these words because this is what God is. When you say love, it’s everything here as a reflection of God. And Jesus is all in all, we have his DNA. And so this is how we were made to be. So we were made to be patient, we’re made to be kind, not to be envious, not to boast. Not to be proud so to be humble, not to dishonor others, not to be, self-seeking not to be easily angered, and keep no records of wrong. Forgive, let it go. It doesn’t delight in evil, but rejoices with truth. It protects, trusts, hopes, perseveres. Love never fails because God is love. And that really is the synopsis in a marriage for a man and a woman, but us men should take the lead on this because we’ve been called to. We have to love our wives as Christ loved the church and willing to die for our brides.

Let’s show that in our relationships. So, routinely together, we bring all our brokenness and baggage to the cross, like I showed earlier. And we live fully alive, all for the glory of God.

• The Godly man as a father:

Video Timestamp: 54:34

Now the godly man as a father. So not all men are going to be husbands. Not all men are going to be fathers, but the principles apply to everybody, male and female. But we males, God has instructed us on how we should treat a live well, and if we have children and so let’s follow it.

Our God is the ultimate mentor and teacher for not only to be a father, a husband, to be a physician, to be a lawyer, to be an accountant. He gives us that roadmap. And I say this a little bit, tongue and cheek, it’s important to pick good parents. Now I know you don’t pick your parents, but when I say that is pick the good qualities that you’ve learned from your parents growing up, because you know what guys finding it out. I have five grown children. Kids don’t come with instructions. It’s trial and error, and we’re going to make mistakes. Remember some days are better than others, but all days are good.

Smile, breathe, love, enjoy these children because I’m telling you Khai, Quisha’s going to be gone before you know it. And we want that. Don’t get me wrong. You know, my children have been out for quite a few years now. Time flies. Our children are only on loan to us by God. They’re His. And so we need to train them up the way they should go for even when they are old, they will not depart from it. So God has given us the opportunity to mold them through his love, through his direction, through his mentorship, through his teaching through scripture.

And so if you’re married with children, it’s all about teamwork. Lead with love, putting God first, and allow yourselves to be guided by the Holy Spirit.

So let’s look at the Christian family out of Colossians 3:18-21. We put God first in our home, giving him the glory and the honor, and the praise. Encourage empowerment to live fully alive mind, body, spirit. Own our health, our bodies are temple of the holy spirit. Praise a family, and give God all the credit. Give him the glory.

Fathers - Godly Man

And so wives honor, respect your husbands. Husbands, love your wives, avoid bitterness to them. Children obey your parents. You know, it is a commandment, on your father and mother. And fathers do not nag your children less they lose heart and don’t nag and pick on your spouse either. Lift them up, be kind, be loving, be engaging.

Here’s some principles for encouragement as a father and it’s scripturally based. Be tolerant and understanding. We were kids too once. Remember mercy triumps judgment. There’s a time to be a disciplinarian and there’s time to show mercy, and grace, be a good listener. Again, give your child undivided attention. Most children thrive on it.

Most of the time that you see troubled children that come from broken home, that nobody gives them attention and love. Remember, all the world needs to be fixed is us to love one another. Your presence means everything to them. So include them in family discussions, planning family activities, vacations, different events that you’re going to go to, give them a voice, and be interested in what they’re interested in. Be present in their lives, go to their ball games, their choir concerts, their band, their sporting activities, or go just for a walk with them, and be vocal and expressions of love. Let them know you love them and look for ways to show that. That’s why we’re going to be coming out with our first book here in 2022, God Loves the Children. It’s all about love. And how love unconditional love is the greatest healer. So, just some principles for encouragement for fathers to consider.


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And so folks, what’s the bottom line? The godly man loves God. And just like the virtuous woman fears the Lord, loves the Lord, no different. Devote time in scripture, prayer, meditation, daily putting God first. We put on that full armor of God. So we withstand the evilness of the devil and we believe no weapon formed against us shall prosper.

We are ambassadors for Christ. We have discipline and honoring our bodies as a temple of the holy spirit. And we show that, we encourage that, we model that in our family. We lead with love and lead with God, reflects His kindness, His love, His humility, and we walk the path of salvation with our family and friends because we give God all the glory.

So folks that is the godly man presentation, the sister presentation to the virtuous woman. And so this is just an opportunity for us to build one another up all for the glory of God. And we men have an awesome responsibility out there. And if we pick a partner and have children, we do this together so we can become families on fire for our Lord Jesus Christ.

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